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If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage right now, would you?

T he Answer? If you had enough money to pay your mortgage right now, would you? Many People Would.

In fact the "American Dream" is to own your own home

and to own it outright, with no mortgage. If the American Dream is so wonderful, how can we explain the fact that thousands of financially successful people, who have more than enough money to pay off their mortgage, refuse to do so?

The 10 questions you must ask yourself...

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What if the US was made up of only 100 people? Where would you be?

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Most of what we believe about mortgages and home equity, which we learned from our parents and grandparents, is wrong. They taught us to make large down payments, get a fixed rate mortgage, and make extra principal payments in order to pay off the loan as early as you can. Mortgages were considered a "necessary evil' at best. The problem with this rationale is that it is outdated thinking. The rules of money have changed, or become more clear. Unlike our grandparents, we now understand that we will no longer have the same job for 30 years. In many cases people will switch careers five or six times. Also, unlike our grandparents, we can no longer depend on a company pension for a secure retirement. Recent Gallup poll statistics reflect that three out of four workers would like to retire before age 60, but only 1 of four believe they can.

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Why people fear mortgage and why you shouldn’t

Large Home Equity can be a Big Disadvantage

By having cash available for emergencies and investment opportunities most homeowners are better off than if their equity is tied up in their residence. Large, idle equity, also called "having all your eggs in one basket," can be risky if the homeowner suddenly needs cash. While employed and in excellent health, accessing equity is easy, but most people, especially retirees, unexpectedly need cash when they become ill, unemployed or have insufficient income. Obtaining a mortgage under these circumstances can be either impossible or very expensive. If you have ever gone to a bank to apply for a loan you have experienced the need to prove you almost don’t need the money before they will loan it to you. The bank wants proof that you have the ability to repay the loan. Imagine this scenario, “I brought your loan application up to the board this morning and explained that you’re going through some hard times, your unemployed, your credit has taken a hit recently, but maybe they could consider taking a chance on you—just to help you through this rough patch.” Their response?

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Why Separate Equity From Your Home?

Why ?

There are Three Primary Reasons...

  • Liquidity90%
  • Safety93%
  • Rate of Return72%

Can I get my money back when I want it?

  • How Liquid is it?
  • How Safe is it?
  • What can I expect for a Rate of Return?
Get Answer of all your questions here
  • Separate Equity to Increase Rate of Return
  • Increase Liquidity
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Separating equity to increase safety


home equity rate of return


tax deductible


Create an extra $1M over 30 years


Power of Leverage

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