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10 Questions

How much would you deposit into this investment?

  1. You must commit up front the amount of monthly contributions and how long you will contribute.
  2. You can invest more, but never less than the minimum you decided on in #1
  3. If you ever pay less, the financial institution could keep ALL previous contributions.
  4. You cannot easily access the money once you deposit it.
  5. The money you deposit is not safe from loss.
  6. Each deposit you make increases your risk level.
  7. The money you deposit does not earn a rate of return.
  8. Your income tax liability increases with every contribution.
  9. When you fully fund the plan, there is no income that you can draw from the account.
  10. When you fully fund the plan, there is no easy access to the money and you must pay fees to get your money back.

Do you want in?

Currently Americans have over $12.5 TRILLION in this investment.

Odds are you are one of them.